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What is a CSA
Community Supported Agriculture
It is also known as subscription farms.You buy a subscription with a local farm and receive a share of locally grown/raised vegtables or meat.

Fox Falls CSA:
A Full Share is roughly 2 - 4 servings of beef and 2 - 4 servings of pork or lamb per week. (Approximately 100lbs of beef, pork and lamb total.) A half share is roughly half that. Pick up your meat weekly or monthly at your convenience. The Winter Session starts Nov 1st and runs for 6 months(25 weeks) until Apr 30th. The Summer Session runs May - Oct.
$600 Full Share ($24/week)
$325 Half Share ($13/week

Sample Menu

Week1 Rib Roast, Bacon
Week1 Ground Beef, Lamb Chops
Week1 T-bone Steak, Pork Sausage
Week1 London Broil, Leg of Lamb
Week1 Stew Beef, Pork Chops
Week1 Chuck Roast, Ham Steak
Typical Share
4 Roasts
5 Steaks (2x)
10 Hamburger
2 London Broil
2 Short Ribs
2 Stew Beef
Total ~55 lbs
3 Bacon
2 Sausage
1 Ham
2 Ground Pork
2 Roasts
3 Steaks (2x)
3 Pork Chops (2x)
1 Spare Ribs
Total ~35lbs
2 Chops (2x)
2 Ground Lamb
1 Rack of Lamb
2 Lamb Stew
1 Leg of Lamb
Total ~15 lbs

Our Animals
“Just wanted to let you know that I cooked one of your bottom round roasts in the Crock pot this past week and we had an absolutely wonderful pot roast dinner! Not only was it delicious, but it fed 6 of us with enough left over for a sandwich the next day.
We'll be looking for more when we've finish the other one we have.”
Download Our Pamphlet
We will be happy to customize your share on request subject to avalability.

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